Adolescent Support

God designed us to be alive and complete in Him. Mending the Soul: Student Edition supports both students and the adults who love them in better understanding the past and how the effects of abuse can lead to risky behaviors, shame, trauma and isolation. Adolescents are encouraged to face their pain, heal, and to move toward forgiveness so they can experience the wholeness God intended them to know.

Mending the Soul: Student Edition is an adaptation of the theological and psychological models and research found in the MTS adult resources. The student edition can be utilized effectively for individual healing, one-on-one counseling, and in small group settings. In a creative and casual manner it carefully guides adolescents and young adults in the critical process of healing from the debilitating effects of abandonment and abuse. Each chapter includes storytelling, poetry, art, and interactive questions that prompt personal reflection in three levels that can be self-selected by the teen—light, moderate, and a deeper look.