News & Updates

Aug 14

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 13

August 14, 2013 Dear friends, Celestia and I make it home to Portland a few days ago. What an amazing 5 weeks of Africa ministry God gave us. This was surely one of the best ministry trips we’ve taken and also one of the most challenging. Conducting abuse ministry seminars in an active war zone […]

Jul 28

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 12

July 28, 2013 Dear Friends, We’re in Entebbe this morning and slept in a quaint guest house, Banana Village. It’s quiet, clean, and safe! David and Abby met us at the airport last night and then we enjoyed a leisurely dinner together and then came back and sat around the fire and talked… eventually collapsing […]

Jul 27

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 11

July 27, 2013 Dear friends, The pastors conference ended yesterday and went incredibly well. They absolutely ate up the material. We trained leaders from various denominations at our conferences this year but the vast majority were from the CBCA, a Congolese Baptist denomination which is amazing. They are very progressive and visionary, with incredible leaders. […]

Jul 24

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 10

July 24, 2013 Dear friends, Our pastors conference is going extremely well. They have been among the most responsive groups of pastors we have ever taught. It is amazing what persecution and suffering does to godly leaders–they get even more fervent in their love for Christ and for the lost. For instance, I had a […]

Jul 20

Rwanda/Congo Update 9

July 20, 2013 Your Congolese brothers and sisters send their blessings! It’s been extremely difficult (that’s an understatement) to send information and get you updates of this incredible week as the city of Goma is virtually cut off from the outside. The community and church leaders here have tremendous stamina and supernatural wisdom, power, and […]

Jul 16

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 8

July 16, 2013 (#2) Dear friends, I’ve gotten emails that some of you have read of new fighting in Goma. Yes, there was heavy fighting here on Sunday just before we came. I talked to our host before we left for the border and he said the fighting was outside the city and it was […]

Jul 16

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 7

July 16, 2013 Dear friends, Our conferences have kicked off in grand style. We were supposed to have 50-70 caregivers of prostituted women at this first conference. We have twice that and they had to turn many people away. The hunger here for ministry resources and training is unbelievable. Celestia and Nora shared today and […]

Jul 15

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 6

July 15, 2013 Dear Friends, We have arrived in Goma safe and sound. No problems at the border. There is fighting outside Goma but thank God, Goma is quite stable at the moment. Pray for health for our team. We meet with 80 caregivers of prostituted women today. We are trusting Jesus for wisdom and […]

Jul 13

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 5

July 13, 2013 Dear friends, We finished our conference on Saturday. What an incredible time God gave us. We had to make many adjustments due to logistics and other variables, but God guided us in such a clear way. We had to cut some sessions on short notice due to a schedule change and the […]

Jul 12

Rwanda/Congo 2013 Update 4

July 12, 2013 Dear friends, What an incredible two days these have been. God has directed each portion of our conference very uniquely and powerfully. We have had considerable challenges. Our translator couldn’t come the first day and his substitute had a very hard time. That forced some dramatic changes in what we were able […]