Basic Training

This training is designed for those who want to mentor or facilitate others through the MTS Workbook for men and women. Abuse tears the soul, and as Christ followers, we are given the unique responsibility to minister God’s healing touch through the way that we relate to others. This training will further your understanding of abuse and trauma by covering the sessions below so that you are able to attune to the critical needs of those you love and care for.

  • A Theology of Suffering, Brokenness, and Compassion—Scripture gives us an elegant model to understand suffering and how we are to respond. This session unpacks the healing potency of compassion that is offered in Jesus’ name while in community with each other. You will be helped to see, feel, and enter into another’s pain so that you can participate in the living hope that comes from Christ’s redemptive healing.
  • Understanding Abuse as a Perversion of Image of God—Humans are dazzlingly unique among the created realm, for only humans are made in the image of God. This session will unpack how abuse, as an abuse of power over another person, perverts the divinely ordained image of God in each of us. Five primary types of abuse will be addressed: sexual, physical, neglect, spiritual, and verbal.
  • Four Primary Effects of Abuse—In this session we’ll explore the non-intuitive effects of abuse: shame, powerlessness, emotional numbing, and isolation. You will be helped to recognize these effects and to understand how to respond to survivors in a way that feels helpful and safe.
  • Creating Relational Safety—Judith Lewis Herman’s research informs us that there are three phases of healing: safety/stabilization, integration, and re-connection. Establishing emotional, spiritual, and relational safety is the first task for caregivers. This session will show you how.
  • How to Begin and Facilitate a MTS Group—In this session you will learn the nuts and bolts of best-practice facilitation. You will be given practical information and resources for setting up your first small group.
  • Defenses of the Heart—This session will help you identify the ways in which unhealthy defenses keep you from connecting with others in a deeper and more meaningful way. In a playful and interactive format we’ll explore the most common psychological defenses and practice recognizing them both in our self and others.

New for 2018, Mending the Soul offers online training for both existing and new, prospective facilitators. This four-week online training forum will update our current training, expand reachability, and greatly increase our number of facilitators and connect them together from all over the world through engaging discussion forums. Tuition is $135 for new facilitators, discounted to $50 for current facilitators, and scholarships are available! New, prospective facilitators will be required to attend a MTS group as a participant, pass a background check, take and pass the online course, and co-facilitate a group before receiving certification. All current facilitators who complete this process will receive an additional certification from MTS and will be listed on the Find a Group page. All registrants will need to:

  • Have two character references (or your previous MTS group facilitator) complete a reference survey on your behalf
  • Connect to the course through a stable internet connection
  • Have the required course materials: Mending the Soul by Steven Tracy, and Mending the Soul Workbook by Celestia Tracy
  • Plan on setting aside three hours each week at your own schedule to work on the course, engage in discussion points, and complete required assignments.

Upcoming online course dates include (registration must be completed the Friday before the course starts to be added to the class):

  • July 16, 2018 (must register on or before July 13
  • August 27, 2018 (must register on or before August 24)
  • October 8, 2018 (must register on or before October 5)

Click here to register