Princess Lost & Princess Found Training

Two-Day Training

The Princess Lost & Found training utilizes the beautifully crafted curricula written by Steve and Celestia Tracy, authors of Mending the Soul, equipping individuals who desire to mentor and/or support men and women who have been sexually exploited and/or abused. Addressing the needs of both survivors and advocates, this training provides psychologically and theologically integrated education on the devastating effects of exploitation and trauma through expressive art and other interactive exercises.

This research driven training rooted in real-life experience provides a pathway for mentors, social workers, therapists, and advocates to both anticipate and respond to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of survivors. Through safe relationships, advocates can offer hope for healing and redemption from the horrific effects of abuse. MTS’ instructors bring both professional and mentoring experience with sexually abused and exploited men and women.

This training is experiential—equipping mentors through teaching and practice.  It is offered regionally and can be tailored for large groups, non-profits, or other organizations by request.  The training addresses the following:

  • What does mentorship look like?
  • How to initiate and maintain a successful mentor/mentee relationship
  • Trauma management—how to take care of yourself while caring for a survivor
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Practice facilitating integrative exercises
  • Practical mentoring tips

Pre-requisites (to be read/completed prior to training attendance):

  • Participant in MTS adult support group
  • MTS Basic Training (Live or DVD)
  • Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse
  • Princess Lost: The Story of Our Daughters
  • Princess Found: A Guide for Mentor’s of Sexually Exploited Girls

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Princess Lost & Found Virtual Training (20 Hours)

This virtual training, led by a licensed associate counselor, provides a step by step, practical and hands-on guide to leading a mentee through the Princess Lost curriculum.  Together following the “I do, we do, you do” model we will walk through the fairytale book chapter by chapter, completing exercises and processing the material as a virtual group.  Attendees will participate in the expressive art activities and will learn how to lead another in the same process through safe and nurturing relationship. By the end of the 20 hours, participants will understand how to implement each exercise as well as the accompanying journal and princess found guide.

Expressive art creates avenues to address the places in a girl’s heart where they are stuck—those closed places where they have banished their pain from the trauma they have experienced. This pain however refuses to be buried and pushes for expression in their bodies and behavior. If they are not helped with feeling and expressing this pain in healing relationships they will remain frozen—unable to move into their future in whole and redemptive ways. Expressive Art is a creative tool that engages survivors, connecting their body with their heart and mind. This training will intensify your creative passion as well as provide the information, experiences, and tools necessary for you to initiate and engage a survivor in healing interactions. The art exercises equip mentors to initiate the healing exercises in Princess Found.

The sequence of these expressive art trainings is designed to follow:

  • MTS Basic Training and small group process (55 hours)

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Mentor & Facilitator Support Group (20 Hours – Portland, OR only)

Caring for survivors of complex trauma can be an overwhelming task.  As caregivers, we carry the pain of others as we lead them through their healing journey.  We experience secondary trauma in various ways and it becomes evident that we must also care for ourselves in order to effectively carry out the mission God has called us to do.

This 2 hour, weekly support group offers professional level group process and soul care to mentors, group facilitators, and individuals working on the front lines of trauma work.  We invite you to join us in this intimate group to experience a safe place to connect, heal, and be refreshed.  These groups are led by professional clinicians or licensed associate counselors.

If you are interested in this type of support for your organization or church, please email Rebekah Stines, MSPC, LPC Intern