Our Core Competencies

Mending the Soul’s transformational abuse and trauma healing models are integrated on four levels of expertise: psychologically informed, culturally relevant, research driven, and theologically precise.

With Mending the Soul, the difference is Visible


Mending the Soul believes in creating high quality, creative, and beautiful printed resources. Our unique approach to healing breaks down and defines abuse, giving visibility to its hidden effects by peeling back the layers—restoring wholeness from the inside out.

We carefully listen to the experiences, perceptions, and needs of the abuse survivors we serve, and their voices guide the development of our resources. We also contextualize and translate our healing models to make them relevant to the varying cultures and languages we bring our curricula to globally.

Mending the Soul seeks to make our curricula so complete and well-written, it can be effectively administered by lay people with basic training without compromising quality.


Mending the Soul transforms individuals and organizations by training leaders first, allowing them to experience their own healing before walking others through our various healing models.

We develop high quality, state-of-the-art online training courses, and provide support resources for MTS small group facilitators. In addition, Mending the Soul provides aftercare and community for group leaders to address and mitigate potential secondary trauma, as well as consistently maintain and improve the quality of our trained leaders.