Advent Week Three: Jesus is the King Our Hearts Long For

Dec 17, 2017 | Advent, Devotional

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Last week in our Advent Blog Series, we talked about God loves us too much to give us what we expect. In saying that God doesn’t give us what we expect, we don’t want to lose sight of how beautiful the Advent message is. What does the human heart long for? We all long for an all-powerful person who will deliver us, yet one who is just and merciful. Look at the interest in super heroes in contemporary movies as well as the myths which go back to ancient times of powerful heroes.

In Luke 1:32-34, Gabriel goes on to tell Mary that Jesus would be called the Son of the Most High, sit on the throne of David, and have an eternal kingdom. “Son of Most High” is the same as Son of God. “Son of God” or its equivalents (“the Son,” “my Son”) occur 124 times in the New Testament, where “Son of God” had Messianic connotations. For instance, in Luke 4:41 Jesus casts out demons who acknowledge that He was the Son of God. Finally, Gabriel says that Jesus would be the king of an eternal kingdom, the kingdom of God. The child born to Mary would be the eternal King of Kings and would usher in the kingdom of God. He would be unlike any human king they had ever known or heard of.

This king would have all power for He would be divine. He wouldn’t reign for just His earthly lifetime, but for all eternity. This king would rule with perfect justice and mercy, which was emphasized in Old Testament prophecies of the coming Messiah. Notice for instance:

“Then a throne will be established in steadfast love, and on it will sit in faithfulness in the tent of David one who judges and seeks justice and is swift to do righteousness.” (Isaiah 16:4-5)

“He will faithfully bring forth justice. He will not grow faint or be discouraged till he has established justice in the earth.” (Isaiah 42:3-4)

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forevermore.” (Isaiah 9:6-7)

You and I certainly long for this kind of savior. For instance, think of our human politicians. I know the current political scene is a mess. It is very hard to find a politician who is truly a public servant. But even when you find the very rare truly honest, gracious, just politician, what can he or she really do? Can this person stop the next hurricane from hitting our shores? Can they eliminate world poverty? Can they wipe crime off the face of the earth? Can they bring perfect justice to every square inch of the universe? Can they heal every human heartache for the rest of eternity? Can they abolish death? Of course not. But Jesus can and will do all these things. He is the perfect king our hearts long for.

Jesus is strong but gracious. We can trust Him. He is everything our hearts long for. So how do we respond to the truth that Jesus is the King we long for and is God’s provision for everything we truly need?