Africa 2014 Update 7

Apr 13, 2014 | Hope & Healing, International Updates

Christopher, Nicole and I leave this morning, Palm Sunday. And as I meditate today, Palm Sunday, on the costliness of God’s love for us through the gift of His Son, sending Him to be tortured, ridiculed, and disbelieved… to eventually die the cruelest and most humiliating death, all to bring us home to His love. It’s disconcerting then to reflect on how far short I fail in loving others the way He’s loved me—that compassion is costly and definitely contains uncertain outcomes; that it’s dangerous and does involve risk. Oh that we will become people who are unified in one thing and one thing only—together loving God with our heart, soul, and strength and loving each other in the same way. As we do this we get to experience the miracles of His resurrection, over and over and over!

Always, I feel closest to Christ when I’m comforting others. He’s present with those who suffer and when we’re following Him there, to places of deep anguish, we’ll find more of Him too. Then, as we covenant relationship to them we’re blessed to participate in the miraculous—God turning our hearts of stone into living, breathing, pumping organisms of LIFE!

Stay posted and we’ll keep you updated on the miracles of transformation that God will be up to in our own hearts and in the lives of those whom He loves. He is a God of wholeness and shalom!

With our love…