Africa Conferences Update

May 5, 2021 | MTS Global Updates

Words can’t begin to express our joy at finally being back with our beloved Congolese brothers and sisters. They had a long tense day getting over the border into Uganda but all 51 people arrived safely. They are so thankful for this conference. It is truly like greeting battle weary troops who’ve been on the front lines for the past two years. Every person has lost family and close friends to rebels or bandits.

They are among the most hungry, responsive audience we’ve ever taught. We’ve heard over and over, “when we go to bed at night, we have no idea if we will be alive in the morning.” So, you can imagine how hungry they are for biblical/clinical training and encouragement.

Each day we divide our time between teaching from Steve, focusing on biblical lament, trauma teaching from Kelsey, small group exercises, and reports from each ministry team.

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Here is a new video from Celestia for you to watch.