Africa Trip Update – Day Two

May 2, 2019 | Africa, By His Wounds, congo

By His Wounds Intensive Healing Conference, 2019
Fort Portal, Uganda—at the base of the “Mountains of the Moon,” the Rwenzori Mountains

Day Two—Wounds the Eye Cannot See











No one can snatch me from my Fathers hands.
I am not alone — He is with me

—John 10:29

Today we addressed heart wounds, carefully working through By His Wounds Chapter Two: Wounds the Eye Cannot See: The Biological and Emotional Impact of Trauma. This is always the most difficult day as we begin the deeper work of addressing the worst of what these people have experienced. After Kelsey Hawk taught on the bewilderingly painful symptoms of trauma, and Dr. Steve taught on Satan and Trauma, our team sat with our African brothers and sisters and bore witness to the atrocities they have endured. The stories are so very painful. Almost every person in the camps has survived rebel attacks, kidnapping, torture, rape, loss of family and home. Many of the men described being forced to rape their mother and sister(s) and of the horrors of childhood sexual abuse. They are so thankful we have come. Through Mending the Soul models one sees poignantly the reality of 2 Corinthians 1:3-7.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us
In all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

For just as the sufferings of Christ flow into our lives, so also through Christ
our comfort overflows.

After Mama Nora shared her story of childhood sexual abuse the hearts of every man and woman in the room was opened to the truth of their past. Tears flowed freely as men and women shared for the first time the humiliation of rape and other forms of abuse. Where in the world can one talk so freely? This was the first time for most of them.









We have included in this post two videos from a man and woman who asked us to share their stories with you. They are both church leaders in one of the largest refugee camps in Fort Portal. The third video captures their worship and praise after processing the deepest pain imaginable. This alone demonstrates the power and goodness of God. It takes your breath away. The heart they hold to their chest is an image of their original created design. Evil cannot touch the essence of who they are created to be. Healing sets them free.

Tomorrow we will unpack the spiritual and relational impact of trauma. Thank you for praying and giving so that these precious people can know the freedom that comes with trauma care. It will transform their life.

Video of male African church leader sharing testimony

Video of female African church leader sharing testimony

Video of spontaneous worship after a day of heart wound process

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Together we’re bringing trauma care to Africa. You can help!

Together we’re bringing trauma care to Africa. You can help!