May, 2016 Archive

May 30

Africa 2016 #10

We Learned About Life & Ministry from Them Pastor Rick and Emily Efird were a critical part of our Congo training team this year. They brought 35 years of pastoral and seminary classroom experience. Rick and Emily taught a week long intensive at Congo Initiative’s Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC) focused on Pastoral Ministry […]

May 29

Africa 2016 #9

Life in the “Place of the Grave” We had the honor of visiting Congolese Pastor Peter Amani’s church in the town of Oicha which is located about half an hour from Beni. For the past two years, Oicha has suffered a series of terrible massacres by Muslim terrorists as the national army has been unable […]

May 26

Africa 2016 #8

Defiant Hallelujahs Three pastors sat on the front row. We’ve rarely seen such exuberant worship. Hands held high, eyes closed with voices that sounded more like angels than men, praising God declaring Him good and abounding in love. As we taught, Pastor Kamata (name changed for his protection) leaned forward, eager for each word. To […]

May 24

Africa 2016 #7

A Grand Finish This is a great picture of the last day of the conference… taken Saturday night right before the sun went down. Fifty community and church leaders received their certificates after finishing their 42-hour By His Wounds healing seminar. It was an incredible week and one in which we witnessed miraculous healing and […]

May 22

Africa 2016 #6

“Animal Man” to Soldier of Healing He stands tall and erect with his shoulders back; eyes downcast. He came to our By His Wounds training and sat on the second row, riveted to the book. By the end of the second day, he confessed his sin of severely abusing his sister and his mother. He grew up […]

May 16

Africa 2016 #5

Leaders Heal First in DRC This morning we kicked off the first day of our 40-hour healing intensive seminar in Beni, DR Congo. Noe Kasali, with Congo Initiative had prayerfully selected a core team of 38 leaders who came and eagerly participated. It was a professionally diverse group of chaplains, educators, NGO directors, counselors, social workers, and […]

May 15

Africa 2016 #4

A Healing Hero and His Widow What a day God has given us. After attending a lively Swahili church service, we came back to our guest house and found a woman named Euginee waiting for us. She is the widow of Pastor Kitsungu who was assassinated during the middle of the night on February 22, […]

May 06

Africa 2016 #3

Healing for Congo’s Child Soldiers For four days Celestia and I have had the privilege of visiting various outreaches to former child soldiers in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. It is heartbreaking to hear of the over- whelming need and the scarcity of resources. While there are various NGOs (non-governmental organizations) working with this […]

May 02

Africa 2016 #2

Hope in the Land of Lava This morning at sunrise, Lake Kivu is a sea of glass…the sky an inky black, turning slowly bright. I sit with the city of Goma at my back. Her streets layered with volcanic rock as black, bitter dust clouds fill the air.  Tin shacks crowd the base of active […]

May 01

Africa 2016

Your Messengers Back on African Soil! I am God. Indeed before the day was, I am He; And there is no one who can deliver out of My hand; I work, and who will reverse it? —Isaiah 43:12b-13, NKJV Yesterday we arrived in Kigali, Rwanda. Walking off our plane into the cool, damp night of […]