2017 Rwanda Update #3

Today we hit the ground running with Dr. Steve Tracy, MTS Founder and President, teaching on the value and dignity of women. It is a crucial topic to present in any country, especially when one is training pastors and leaders. After covering the biblical account of the balanced relationship of man and woman before The Fall, he then covered the predictions of God regarding the male/female relationship after The Fall. The students easily realized how quickly men began to dominate over women both then and now. Steve then reiterated that it is very important to understand why the value and dignity of women is so important because of the amount of abuse that comes from the devaluation of women. We looked at how women were treated prior to The Fall, how Jesus treated women, and how women were treated in the early church.

Participants drew and then shared pictures of their perception of the way women were viewed in Rwanda; their honesty was refreshing. The younger Rwandan women depicted lives that are not so very different from American women with so many pieces in their lives to balance (being a wife, a mother, holding a job, cooking, cleaning, attending school, etc.). We left plenty of time for Q & A at the end before we broke for lunch.

After lunch Jumah, the Great Lakes Regional Director for MTS, presented on the individual portion of God’s original design, focusing on Psalm 139. We spent a lot of time allowing the attendees to work individually and in small groups drawing and connecting with their own individual design based on Scripture. They focused on the truths from Psalm 139—I am loved and known by God (v 2-6); I am loved and never alone (v 7-12); I am loved and perfectly created (v 13-18). The participants also worked through the Father’s Love Letter tract by Barry Adams which lists many truths from Scripture as to His love for each of them. As each person shared their artwork and verses, we were blessed by their understanding and connection to truth. The students were also treated to the first of five parts of Mama Nora’s story, laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s topics.

We really appreciate your prayer covering as we delve into the impact of trauma while allowing students to explore some of their past traumatic events.

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