May, 2017 Archive

May 30

Congo Reflections

  It was apparent from the beginning that each of us on the Congo MTS team felt that God had a significant purpose in our being there.  The effort, time and money invested, along with the uncertainty of what was to come allowed a commonly felt trust in that purpose.     Sharing our questions & […]

May 13

Congo Update #9 – Final

Vulnerable Child Conference & Final Update Today was our final day of the conference and our last day in Congo! This morning we started our day asking the caregivers to tell us about their experiences with the kids yesterday. A pastor shared this experience, I asked the child, “When are you going to accept Jesus?” […]

May 12

Congo Update #8

 Vulnerable Child Conference It is so exciting to be a part of the first wave of Caring for the Vulnerable Child here in Africa. God is doing so many amazing things, and the conference just builds on itself each day. It’s an honor and a privilege to watch what God is doing in these children’s […]

May 11

Congo Update #7

Caring for the Vulnerable Child Conference The second day of the Vulnerable Child conference was a huge success! We are caring for 40 children and resourcing and training 75 caregivers! We had a mix of children from local churches and a large number of children from CEPIMA. The children had so much fun learning about […]

May 09

Congo Update #6

Last Day of Trauma Conference Today was the final day of the By His Wounds conference! All morning the teaching was on the MTS healing model and forgiveness; both were received very well. It was a blessing to be able to discuss the topics of forgiveness and repentance: what they are and are not. Forgiveness […]

May 08

Congo Update #5

Today we have an extra special update for you that you absolutely can’t miss! Sylvi was at our training last year and came and visited us today to give us a report of what she’s been doing with what she had learned. Her and a few other trainees from Beni have been taking MTS to […]

May 07

Congo Update #4

Today we had a break from the conference and the pastors got to spend the day at their churches and at home with their families. This morning the majority of the MTS team was blessed to attend church with Mama Abia at the CBCA (Community Baptiste Centre of Africa) in Butembo. Mama Nora went to […]

May 06

Congo Update #3

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! Day 3 got off to a rocky start as Steve woke up very sick and was not able to teach. Today’s topics included spiritual warfare and the spiritual effects of trauma. Jumah and Celestia did a fantastic job, and the whole team pitched in to help with […]

May 05

Congo Update #2

The second day of the conference was amazing! This morning a pastor stood to thank us for the teaching yesterday on the five abuses that distort the image of God. He shared his conviction over learning that the abuse/sin of verbal abuse can be as damaging as sexual abuse. He was convicted (and didn’t know) […]

May 04

Congo Update #1

On Wednesday, May 3rd we arrived safely in Butembo in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Thank you all for your continued support and prayer. Two team members, James and Sebastian, were delayed on Monday when flight trouble caused them to miss their connection from Istanbul to Kigali, Rwanda. We weren’t sure when or how they […]