December, 2017 Archive

Dec 24

Merry Christmas from Mending the Soul!

As we reflect on Christ’s birth this Christmas we are reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. Christ is our Immanuel, He is God with us. Always. His heart is the heart that beats in ours. His hands the hands in ours. His words of comfort in our mouths. His healing power made […]

Dec 11

Advent Week Two: God Loves Us Too Much to Give Us What We Expect

Advent comes from the Latin word for “arrival” or “coming,” and it is our celebration of the coming of Christ; both His past and future coming. Since the 4th century, the Western Christian church celebrated Christmas on December 25, perhaps because this was the Roman winter solace celebrated by pagan festivals. It also marked the […]

Dec 04

An Unexpected Advent Gift: Angry Tears

Let love be genuine…Weep with those who weep. —Romans 12:9, 15 You came to me today. Not in a way I expected. Last week I realized that we’ve begun advent and I looked around for a Christmas book to guide me: something articulate, clever, artistic. I had none of those things in front of me. […]

Dec 01

Christmas: Darkness and Light

We are entering one of the most significant seasons in the Western world—Christmas. Our senses will be flooded with holiday sounds, smells, foods, and events. Culturally and economically, much of the year revolves around this season. Ninety-five percent of Americans say they will celebrate Christmas. Economists predict that we will spend over one trillion dollars […]