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Oct 12

Go-Go Boots, Dreams, and Desires

Like most little girls, I loved to play house as a child.  Growing up in the 1970’s, this often meant putting on my big girl white vinyl go-go boots, using sheets and clothesline to construct the “house” in the back yard, and making sure my essential baby doll and tea set were in tow.  Once […]

Sep 12

Churches as a Haven for Whom?

  “If I want to find an abuser, I go to church.” These words emphatically stated by my attorney, Diana, seemed to hang in the air between us as I looked quizzically at her while simultaneously recognizing the veracity of her statement.  Mumbling something incoherently, trying to manufacture a tepid defense of faith communities, I […]

Jul 31

Is it anti-Christian?

Is it anti-Christian to admit the church sometimes fails abuse victims? Is it anti-Christian to admit that abusers often misuse the Bible? My published research is very rarely referenced by the secular media, particularly a journal article I wrote almost a decade ago. So, I was quite surprised this past week when I received a […]

Feb 23

Why MTS Goes to Democratic Republic of Congo

The incredible Time article below helps shed some light on why MTS goes to the Congo. We go to help prevent and heal the intergenerational cycle of sexual violence and injustice in one of Africa’s most beautiful but traumatized countries. Our brothers and sisters in the DRC are doing just that—with courage and humility and perseverance. We […]

Oct 19

“Rape Culture” in the U.S.

This is a warning for my friends about a painful post I must make today regarding the “rape culture” we’re experiencing in the U.S. and the ways in which we’ve been lulled to sleep around it all. I cannot stay silent. None of us should. I’ve included a link to an essay that is a […]

Feb 25

Help Her Help Us

In 2003 God led Steve and I to step out in faith in order to address the invisible wounds of abuse infecting church leaders in the city that we loved, Phoenix. We combined our two areas of specialization: theology and psychology to create a model for healing within community. At that time we we were […]

Jul 27

Just Choose Joy

  At a women’s event, a dear friend witnessed someone share from her heart about her deep agonizing pain and a leader of the group responded with, “You need to just choose joy.” My friend spoke out. She knew depth of pain. She knew the inability to “just choose joy.” She knew that a pious response […]

Feb 10

Do Street Children Go to Heaven?

Following is an email Abby’s father (Steve Tracy) wrote in response to her questions and concerns regarding Yahaya’s death. (See blog post “Yahaya ” for Abby’s email regarding Yahaya’s death.) There are countless street children who die everyday from the direct effects of the trauma and deprivation they’ve experienced.  Yahaya was one of those children. […]

Jan 29

What’s Your Story?

I walked early this morning in the bitter cold, my fingers stiff and red. Frosty clouds of silver surround and I cannot see beyond the next house. Bare branches, like gnarled hands bending low. Barren yards, in monochromatic tones of grey, brown. Empty. Houses, once teeming with life, appear abandoned. Shutters closed, windows dark in […]