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May 08

Congo Update #5

Today we have an extra special update for you that you absolutely can’t miss! Sylvi was at our training last year and came and visited us today to give us a report of what she’s been doing with what she had learned. Her and a few other trainees from Beni have been taking MTS to […]

May 30

Africa 2016 #10

We Learned About Life & Ministry from Them Pastor Rick and Emily Efird were a critical part of our Congo training team this year. They brought 35 years of pastoral and seminary classroom experience. Rick and Emily taught a week long intensive at Congo Initiative’s Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC) focused on Pastoral Ministry […]

May 24

Africa 2016 #7

A Grand Finish This is a great picture of the last day of the conference… taken Saturday night right before the sun went down. Fifty community and church leaders received their certificates after finishing their 42-hour By His Wounds healing seminar. It was an incredible week and one in which we witnessed miraculous healing and […]