Since 2007, Mending the Soul has partnered with international organizations, churches, and community leaders in East Africa to bring our proven domestic community-based healing models to global communities that have experienced significant levels of trauma but have limited healing resources. By His Wounds Trauma Healing for Africa uses the model of Mending the Soul Basic, translating and contextualizing the content for specific African cultures.

In keeping with Mending the Soul’s trauma-care model, leaders experience their own trauma healing first. After working through hard issues and the effects of their suffering, indigenous leadership teams are trained, certified, and equipped with specialized curricula and resources to go out and teach others in their communities, bringing sustainable healing to thousands of Africans a year suffering from abuse trauma.

By the grace of God, the generosity of His people, and a growing list of partner organizations, Mending the Soul leads multiple summits, conferences, and intensives each year to develop and support thousands of By His Wounds trainers across East Africa. In 2017, Mending the Soul hired Jumah Patrick who serves as Mending the Soul’s Africa Director furthering the healing impact there.

How to Get Involved

Consider partnering with Mending the Soul to bring more resources and trauma-care training to the underserved community and faith leaders of Africa. There are many organization and church leaders waiting on the kind of support that only Mending the Soul brings. Your donation is far-reaching and provides incredible hope to hurting communities. Thank you for your compassion and generosity.


By His Wounds and the Healing Art Handbook guide participants with contextualized examples and art in an educational, healing pathway that begins with understanding trauma and its effects, and ends with a Five-Heart Model for sharing one’s story with others. Available in English, French, and Congolese Swahili, it is obtainable in our online store. It should soon be available in Kinyarwanda as well.

Resource Center

Do you know what’s going on currently in East Africa? What can you do to advocate for refugees and trauma survivors there? Mending the Soul has cataloged and researched relevant resources to support our African brothers and sisters and the organizations where they serve.


The work of MTS requires God’s supernatural power and thus prayer is vital. If you’re interested in receiving praise and prayer updates please let us know and we’ll add you to our growing list of prayer partners.

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Q: How is By His Wounds different from Mending the Soul Basic?

Like Mending the Soul Basic, By His Wounds integrates social science research and the theology of healing that is contextualized with African culture—the voices and images of African survivors—to promote individual healing. Each chapter includes healing art, contemplative meditations on Christ, and journaling exercises that deepen intimacy with God and others.

Q: Why Africa?

Mending the Soul is passionate about seeing wholeness restored throughout the world in underserved communities experiencing high levels of abuse trauma. There are few places in the world that have suffered more trauma than the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and South Sudan. The help and resources survivors there receive from the UN and aid organizations cannot fully equip them for the level of psychological trauma they have experienced. Mending the Soul resources are the first, truly healing curricula many of these people have ever experienced.

Q: How do you handle the sensitive cultural and religious differences?

Africans are very spiritual, and thus they desire and enthusiastically respond to a Christian, faith-based approach. However, the work is not easy. Many of the training exercises bring up the conflict of biblical and cultural views and practices which create an internal struggle between what is biblical and what is not. This struggle also challenges us as westerners to reconsider how our cultural biases have tainted our reading and application of Scripture. Our approach is to walk alongside our African brothers and sisters, listening to them, so that together scripture becomes our guide.

Q: What international organizations does Mending the Soul partner with?

MTS international partners include, but are not limited to:

  • African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM)
  • African New Life (Rwanda)
  • Congo Initiative
  • Congolese Baptist Association
  • Global Justice Mission
  • Global Training Network
  • Heal Africa (DRC)
  • In Dependence Studios (Volviendo)
  • Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo
  • The National Rehabilitation Centre (Uganda)
  • Reach Global (The Evangelical Free Church)
  • CEPIMA Mental Health Rehabilitation Clinics (DRC)
  • Gratia Counseling Centres (DRC and East Africa)
  • A Perfect Injustice (Uganda)

Q: Does Mending the Soul go into other countries?

Mending the Soul’s founders, Steve and Celestia Tracy, are passionate about extending the healing love of Christ to the oppressed, abused, and marginalized globally wherever there is intense need. There is an exponential demand by churches around the world for sustainable and holistic healing models for the vulnerable populations within their communities. Mending the Soul develops indigenous leadership teams that are certified, equipped, and resourced with our holistic, trauma-care models and who will eventually serve as the training and teaching hub for their particular region.


Once a specific healing model has been field-tested by the local caregivers and trainers for a given region, Mending the Soul then customizes the content, images, and stories as needed. Currently Mending the Soul trauma resources have been translated and are being used in over a dozen languages in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. You can help bring Mending the Soul healing models to a hurting world by partnering with us in prayer, financial support, and telling others about Mending the Soul!