Caring for the Vulnerable Child 2013-2

The Vulnerable Child Project

Mending the Soul Ministries is pleased to announce the development of our latest resource for churches and organizations—The Vulnerable Child Project. Since 2009 MTS has been interviewing, assessing, and treating children and young women who have been forced into child prostitution. We have spent countless hours interviewing and supporting survivors and caregivers in Phoenix, Portland, Latin America, Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo (DRC) listening to survivors tell very similar stories of early childhood deprivation and neglect/abuse that eventually led to commercialized exploitation as desperate children and families struggled to survive. The longer we listened, the clearer we became on the need for a specific, trauma-informed preventiongospel-driven program—for vulnerable families and their children. A community-based model that would re-connect these children and the adults caring for them to each other, to a gentle and healing God, and to a church community committed to loving them with an informed and costly compassion. 

The Vulnerable Child Project includes ten modules in a four-piece resource that includes:

  1. Parent/Caregiver Manual: Caring for the Vulnerable Child: Welcoming Children Who Have Experienced Neglect, Abandonment & Abuse
  2. Interactive game for children and pre-teens—Game of MY Life
  3. Ten Training Modules for children ages (5-10 & 11-13) with lesson plans
  4. Child’s Interactive Workbook—Code Book


The most economical and simple solution for commercial sexual exploitation is to properly prepare and support our foster/adopt/birth parents and caregivers while concurrently helping vulnerable and traumatized children heal. The Vulnerable Child Project does both—at the same time—making it a sustainable solution for churches that desire to adequately support the families they are inviting into foster care. In the MTS model, the churches become the sheltering space for the vulnerable within their community. As our U.S. economy shifts and the needs of marginalized children and families are exponentially increasing, both domestically and globally, God is raising up His church to step into these places of vast need. And folks, if we will all jump into this kingdom adventure together, we can take good care of the vulnerable children God’s entrusted to our care! As Christ followers we are living in the most exciting times and have unprecedented opportunities before us!

Posted: May 15, 2013