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#metoo and the Church

#metoo and the Church

Dr. Steve Tracy was recently invited to be a guest on the Advent Next Theological Podcast, hosted by Kendra Arsenault, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Advent Next is a podcast aimed at serving the next generation of God seekers with a deeper and more...

Go-Go Boots, Dreams, and Desires

Like most little girls, I loved to play house as a child.  Growing up in the 1970’s, this often meant putting on my big girl white vinyl go-go boots, using sheets and clothesline to construct the “house” in the back yard, and making sure my essential baby doll and tea...

Churches as a Haven for Whom?

  “If I want to find an abuser, I go to church.” These words emphatically stated by my attorney, Diana, seemed to hang in the air between us as I looked quizzically at her while simultaneously recognizing the veracity of her statement.  Mumbling something...

Is it anti-Christian?

Is it anti-Christian to admit the church sometimes fails abuse victims? Is it anti-Christian to admit that abusers often misuse the Bible? My published research is very rarely referenced by the secular media, particularly a journal article I wrote almost a decade ago....

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