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#metoo and the Church

#metoo and the Church

Dr. Steve Tracy was recently invited to be a guest on the Advent Next Theological Podcast, hosted by Kendra Arsenault, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Advent Next is a podcast aimed at serving the next generation of God seekers with a deeper and more...

Epstein & Justice: A Survivor’s Perspective

Epstein & Justice: A Survivor’s Perspective

I got the news yesterday morning that Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide.   For those not familiar with the case, Epstein was a billionaire who ran in powerful circles and was convicted of sex offenses against minors. He had previously been given an unusually...

Finding Solid Ground in the Midst of Change

Finding Solid Ground in the Midst of Change

Life is change.  Constantly challenging our ability to stay safe and secure, tucked away in our cocoon of what we know and can rely on. I’m not good with change. I feel scared when I’m faced with it.  My first reaction is to grip tighter to what I know. The thing that...

Go-Go Boots, Dreams, and Desires

Like most little girls, I loved to play house as a child.  Growing up in the 1970’s, this often meant putting on my big girl white vinyl go-go boots, using sheets and clothesline to construct the “house” in the back yard, and making sure my essential baby doll and tea...

Congo Reflections

  It was apparent from the beginning that each of us on the Congo MTS team felt that God had a significant purpose in our being there.  The effort, time and money invested, along with the uncertainty of what was to come allowed a commonly felt trust in that...

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