As a student who has successfully completed Mending the Soul’s Online Basic Training Course, I understand and agree to the following as a condition of my ongoing Mending the Soul Small Group Certification.

1.  I have sought assistance to heal from my own trauma or abuse including completion of my own MTS Small Group as a participant.

2.  I am emotionally, spiritually and physically ready to lead MTS Small Groups.

3.  I am a mature Christian able to lead others with knowledge and wisdom from God’s word.

4.  I have a strong support network that can assist me and can, as needed, serve as a referral source for participants in my MTS Small Groups.

5.  I will seek counsel, support and assistance from a church, organization, professional counselor, pastor and/or mentor to serve as resources to me.

6.  I have sufficient time to support my scheduled MTS Small Groups.

7. I will do an in person intake for each participant (or face to face if using a live online application) .

8.  I will only host MTS Small Groups with another MTS Certified Facilitator except for the following exceptions:

(a) my co-facilitator is in the process of becoming a MTS Certified Facilitator;

(b) I am going through the MTS Small Group materials with only one individual

(c) I am hosting a live on line such as Skype or Zoom MTS small group.

9.   I will limit participation in my MTS Small Groups to individuals 18 years or older.

10.  I will only host MTS Small Groups with individuals of the same sex as me.

11.  I will not modify or supplement any of the MTS Small Group resources.

12. I will not charge any fees to operate MTS Basic small groups.  (*with the exception of licensed mental health professionals)

13.  I will only host live MTS Small Groups that are in person or using live online applications such as Skype or Zoom (all group meetings are in person or face to face).

14.  I will  “to the best of my ability” ensure my MTS Small Group Participants complete the MTS Small Group evaluation and sign up for their Completion Certificate on the MTS Participant Connect Website.

15.  I will submit my Facilitator Self-Assessment to MTS at the completion of each of my MTS Small Groups.

16.  I will actively participate in all MTS’ mandatory Certified Facilitator continuing education.

17.  I will ensure that each MTS Small Group Participant completes all of the MTS Small Group Forms provided in the MTS Certified Facilitator Guide including :

a) MTS Small Group Intake Form; and

b) MTS Small Group Agreement and Attachments for Confidentiality, Safe Group and Crisis Response.

18.  I will maintain the confidentiality of each MTS Small Group participant and the written documents provided to me by prospective and actual MTS Small Group participants.

19.  I will follow all MTS’ guidance and training for hosting a MTS Small Group.

20.  I will follow MTS’ guidelines for Facilitator Self-Care.

21.  I understand that Mending the Soul does not supervise, monitor or evaluate my Facilitator skills and abilities and/or the operation of my MTS Small Groups and that I am personally responsible for my performance and the operation of my MTS Small Groups.

22.  I will notify MTS of any changes in my life that may impact my ability to safely facilitate a MTS Small Group which include, but are not limited to, a change in my criminal record or an alcohol, drug or other mental health event or relapse.

23.  I understand that MTS reserves its right to modify this Agreement in the future and will notify me by email if this Agreement changes.  I also understand that I have the right to refuse to sign the new Agreement and terminate my status as an MTS Certified Facilitator.

24.  I understand that MTS reserves the right to revoke my Facilitator Certification if it receives information that indicates I have not complied with these requirements. Revocation means that I will no longer be listed as a Certified Facilitator on MTS’ Website and will not be authorized to post my MTS Small Groups on MTS’ Website.