Community Healing Models

Mending the Soul believes that the intergenerational cycle of violence and exploitation can be replaced by the intergenerational cycle of healing. MTS creates sustainable models of compassion and care for communities that cannot access professional mental health services. Equipping and connecting one survivor to one mentor and one family and one church creates networks of connection and love. MTS’ leadership development model is transferable and sustainable and is being implemented successfully around the world.

MTS trains community and church leaders in a theology of abuse, healing, and forgiveness. Resourcing and equipping organizations and churches with the tools needed to support survivors in their own healing first, MTS then prepares them to facilitate the healing of others. MTS healing models are artistically attuned to the specific needs of a particular culture and region. MTS partners with international church leaders in contextualizing, translating, and imaging Mending the Soul models for the felt needs of the churches within a given region or country. This is approximately a three-year process.

The MTS Adult Support model is the foundation for all other models. Participating in a MTS adult support group facilitates both personal healing and deep discipleship preparing leaders for ministries of justice and mercy. MTS mentors experience their own restoration, and as they connect others to safe communities, they find redemptive purposes for their pain. Mending the Soul Student Edition, Princess Lost & Found and Caring for the Vulnerable Child are best understood after participating in a MTS adult support group.

Creed of Love