Adult Support Group

For Personal Healing

Mending the Soul equips churches and organizations for ministry to those impacted by abuse by resourcing and training church and community leaders as facilitators of MTS small groups. Mending the Soul support groups offer men and women impacted by abuse—whether spiritual, verbal, physical, sexual, or neglect—a safe place for support, psycho-education and encouragement within a trauma-informed and nurturing community. The support groups are gender-specific, consist of 4-6 participants, and are led by two MTS trained facilitators.

The MTS Workbook for Men and Women is an interactive tool and is used as a companion resource to the book, Mending the Soul by Steven Tracy. In a sensitive and artistic manner the MTS resources and small group process carefully guide the participant in the critical process of integrating one’s history of pain with the present. This allows each one to find his or her redemptive story to tell that will inform, in time, their ministry to others. MTS small groups don’t direct survivors but, instead, empower participants to “own” their story and voice as they self-select the exercises they feel ready to complete and share.

For Equipping and Training

Mending the Soul small group process is foundational to MTS’ model of leadership development—to equip and resource community and church leaders as compassionate and informed advocates and caregivers to those made vulnerable by abuse. MTS’ training modules begin when leaders receive healing in relationship, to restore wholeness and rebuild community within their places of influence. Participation in a group is necessary for those who would like to become a trained facilitator, Princess Lost mentor, certified trainer, and/or instructor.

Consultation appointments are available for those who desire additional support in using this model. Consultation fees are based on the individual needs and/or expertise required for the requesting church or organization.  If you are interested in scheduling or requesting a quote, please visit our consulting page and fill out the request form for the type of consultation you desire.

Recommended Training:

  • MTS Basic Training
  • MTS Advanced Track
  • MTS Trainer Certification Training (for those who want to train others using the MTS Basic Training DVD’s)


  • Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse
  • Mending the Soul Workbook for Men and Women
  • MTS Basic Training (DVD set)
  • MTS DVD Basic Training Handbook
  • MTS Pastor and Church Leader Guide
  • MTS Facilitator Guide