Intimacy & Bonding

ForeverandAlways001Forever & Always: The Art of Intimacy reflects a multi disciplinary, integrative approach to the theology and practice of relational intimacy. It combines biblical data on sexuality and relationships with research on bonding and relationships. The reader is then creatively prompted through exercises and questions to apply the research to his or her relationships.

In essence, this is a handbook for understanding and deepening the stages involved in bonding or attaching closely with another human being. Marriage, the most intimate of all human relationships, is described in Scripture as a “one-flesh mystery.” This mystery of human bonding is as beautiful as it is complex, particularly in a post-Eden world.

Our ability to create intimate relationships as adults is a more intuitive process if we have enjoyed earlier experiences of safe and nurturing comfort. However, for those of us who have not experienced relationships of health, safety, and security will probably find we need road-maps along the way. This book will give you personal encouragement and direction that is both biblically precise and practical for your relational journey. Forever & Always is built upon God’s bold promises to heal and redeem.

Forever & Always is taught as a graduate intensive at Phoenix Seminary

Instructors: Steve and Celestia Tracy

Class Title: Foundation of Intimacy: A Theology of Bonding