Sexual Exploitation Support

Princess Lost: the Story of our Daughters and Princess Found: A Guide for Mentors of Sexually Exploited Girls is a sustainable, community-based model of care that resources and equips caregivers as compassionate mentors and advocates to girls who have been sexually abused and exploited. Princess Lost & Found steps into the gap of need for community-based support for exploited adults and teens. Our model encourages the professional counselor to work with both the survivor and a well-trained mentor to support this healing relationship that can extend beyond the borders of a clinician’s office.

In 2009, MTS’ clinical team began assessing and treating 21 girls and young women who had survived the horrors of commercialized sexual exploitation. These early assessments began to profoundly shape our model of care for these vulnerable young women. We listened for hours to each of them tell very similar stories of early childhood abuse, emotional numbing, running away, homelessness, forced addiction, and desperation to belong. As we came to know them we were deeply touched by their capacities for love, courage, and the will to heal. This initial clinical work began to shape resources for a mentor model of compassion and care that would provide host-families and well-trained caregivers for every girl (and non-offending members of her family) that needed support. Princess Lost & Found is a community-based model that wraps each girl and her family with one mentor, one counselor, and one host family, for as long as she needs them.

MTS’ model of compassion and care asserts that every survivor needs more than what a handful of experts can provide. Wholeness is found when numerous individuals, within the context of various healthy relational communities, utilize their unique skills and gifts to facilitate healing for one another. Abuse happens in relationship, therefore healing can only happen in relationship.

Princess Lost and Found is a four-piece curricula that weaves the social science research on the experiences of the sex trafficked girl with a clinical model of healing and forgiveness. It not only tells the story of the girls who have survived the brutality of the streets, but in part, it tells our story too. The mentor model is premised on a commitment to embrace our own healing journey first and then, in that process, to be intuitively equipped to support another survivor who has been devastated by abuse. Mending the Soul envisions a day when we will have more safe, loving, equipped caregivers and homes for exploited girls and their families than the predators who are on the streets.

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