Congo Update #8

May 12, 2017 | International Updates

 Vulnerable Child Conference

It is so exciting to be a part of the first wave of Caring for the Vulnerable Child here in Africa. God is doing so many amazing things, and the conference just builds on itself each day. It’s an honor and a privilege to watch what God is doing in these children’s lives. For the first hour of the day, we took the children to play in a grassy area on the guesthouse property. We had ten beach balls and two soccer balls for the kids to use for play. We played a circle game, soccer, and red light/green light. For these kids, this was a special treat. Their faces lit up when they saw the balls. These children have grown up knowing nothing but war; some of them are displaced from their homes, others are staying at CEPIMA, and most of them have very little or nothing to play with. Not only do these children not get very much play time, getting them to move their bodies while they’re doing this challenging trauma work helps them to work through and process the material and their experiences.

The caregivers spent their time in the morning going through their lessons on the same topics as the children in preparation to be able to facilitate and help the children during their combined processing time. Then in the afternoon, the caregivers joined the children for their lessons on anger, fear, and nightmares. It was such a beautiful sight to see the caregivers sitting with the children, listening to them, and helping them process through their emotions. There was at least one caregiver for every child; it was such a healing experience. It’s wonderful and amazing to see the healing, not just in the children, but the caregivers as well. That is one of the truly unique things about the Caring for the Vulnerable Child, two generational healing model…seeing the caregivers apply what they’ve learned in working with the children—both healing together.


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