Congo Update #9 – Final

May 13, 2017 | International Updates

Vulnerable Child Conference & Final Update

Today was our final day of the conference and our last day in Congo! This morning we started our day asking the caregivers to tell us about their experiences with the kids yesterday. A pastor shared this experience, I asked the child, “When are you going to accept Jesus?” and he answered, “Now I could accept Jesus!” We prayed together, and I led the child in the prayer of salvation. We then continued talking about his picture, and we went outside. Outside, I wanted him to know that there would be one person in his church that would know him. So we went to my friend, who is an elder, and I said, “This child had accepted Christ. I want you to know him so you can continue to shepherd him.”

This was just one of many stories that the caregivers told about the wonderful experiences they shared with the children yesterday, and today was more of the same. The weather has been beautiful here, and the kids and caregivers got to spread out outside on the grass to do their processing. The children had learned about secret touch so they were instructed to draw pictures about how “toxic” shame causes them to feel and how healthy guilt feels. At the close of the day, the participants performed a beautiful song and dance for us. They then gave us each a length of cloth that is both made and unique to the Butembo area.

Our whole MTS team is so grateful for this opportunity to have come and serve the Congolese people. We’ve all grown so much personally and spiritually, and we are looking forward to our next trip! Thank you to all of our friends and families for your love, prayers, and support–none of this would be possible without you!



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