Please type in your city and state or your zip code to find a group in your area. Once you locate a group, you are welcome to contact the facilitator and see if their group fits in with your availability. You can download the Intake Form for Potential Group Participants to fill out and send to the facilitator. Filling out this form does not guarantee you a space in the group but is used along with a personal conversation with the facilitator to assess readiness for the group.

Group Type
MTS Basic
Vulnerable Child
MTS Adolescents
Group Gender

Please note: The Facilitators listed here have successfully completed the four-week Online Basic Training course. Mending the Soul has conducted a criminal background and reference check on each of them, and the Facilitators have agreed to adhere to the Mending the Soul Certified Facilitator Agreement. Nevertheless, the Facilitators listed are independent from Mending the Soul. While Mending the Soul does certify Facilitators, we do not supervise them. If anyone has questions or concerns regarding a Facilitator listed here, please feel free to leave us an anonymous message by calling 866-535-5044 extension 0.

Can’t find a group in your area?

As a growing ministry there are locations where Mending the Soul small support groups are not available. Fortunately, we have a list of certified facilitators willing to lead groups of participants from all over the world via online video-conferences like Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Please contact these facilitators directly and they will walk you through the intake process:

Men’s Groups:

Women’s Groups:

Unable to participate in an online group?

We recommend “pioneers” who have a heart to start this ministry take the following steps:

        1. Read Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse
        2. Find at least one other person to work through the Mending the Soul small group materials with. All persons in the “group” should be the same gender, and need to be willing to take their own personal healing journey. This will be your Mending the Soul small support group.

If you don’t have a safe person or group to do this with, you may also go through the Mending the Soul Workbook with a counselor or therapist you trust. You can also watch this video to hear the steps you can take to start a Mending the Soul Basic small group in areas where Mending the Soul does not currently have a presence.