God Is Healing Severe Abuse and Trauma

Feb 10, 2021 | Curricula, Uncategorized

Don’t miss this incredible, inspiring episode as Diana interviews Dr. Steve Tracy, Founder and President of Mending The Soul. Dr. Tracy shares how his personal experiences with abuse and trauma inspired him and his wife Celestia to start the ministry of Mending The Soul. Learn about the many biblical and psychologically sound resources for healing abuse, and trauma that Mending The Soul offers. He explains why he believes these small groups led by layman survivors are the most effective and biblical method towards healing. Hear the riveting stories of how Steve leads ministry teams to The Congo and East Africa, called “The Rape Capital Of The World”. His team is dedicated to help victims of unspeakable trauma to heal, as well as, train the pastors and community leaders to facilitate their own small groups of healing. Steve tenderly answers one of life’s most difficult questions: Where was God during my abuse? He ends with the passionate declaration that God is at work behind the scenes in mighty ways!

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