God is Moving

May 12, 2021 | MTS Global Updates

As we prepared to leave from the conference yesterday, we slid off the rain soaked road. We were all able to get to the conference safely, and luckily only one car got stuck in the mud for about 30 minutes. 

There is so much abuse against women in these communities, even by pastors, but God is definitely moving. The Ugandan pastors are incredibly responsive to our lessons and exercises on how abuse perverts the image of God (Gen 1-2) and on the beauty of our original design. They really jumped into the small group work and made very quick personal applications. 

Our team is greatly encouraged albeit very tired. We’ve run into numerous challenges, from having attenders who speak 5 different languages, to broken down vehicles, to heavy rains all day which made driving treacherous, to having one vehicle sliding off the road, to mild sickness for several team members. 

Please continue to pray for God to move mightily.