Q: How will I know if a Mending the Soul Basic small group is right for me?

Before you begin a MTS small support group, your Facilitator will ask you to fill out an intake form and interview. Your Facilitator can answer all your questions and help you know if you are ready for a group.

Q: Where do Mending the Soul Basic small groups meet?

MTS support groups are held in any safe, private space free from interruptions and/or distractions: home, church, or community center.

Q: How long does each meeting last?

A typical group meeting lasts two hours. The group commits to start and finish on time each week. Participants are also responsible for completing their homework (one workbook chapter per week) prior to coming to group. This takes an average of two hours per week to complete.

Q: Can adult groups be co-ed?

Due to the nature of the support group, our recommendation is that men and women meet separately. We also recommend that Facilitators are the same gender as participants.

Q: How many people are there in a group?

Groups will typically have 4-6 participants in addition to Certified Facilitators.

Q: How many weeks is a Mending the Soul Basic Adult Small Group?

Groups typically last anywhere from 14 – 20 weeks. The schedule will be decided by the MTS Certified Facilitator and communicated to the participants prior to starting the MTS group. Some Facilitators choose to spend a couple of weeks on difficult chapters. Other groups may schedule a week off during a holiday or for another specified purpose. Please speak to the group Facilitator to find out the schedule of the specific group you are interested in.

Q: How do I find a Mending the Soul Basic small support group to join?

To locate a group in your area, please visit the Find A Group page, enter your zip code, and click the search button. This will provide a list of available groups in your area. If no groups are available in your area, please read the FAQ “What if there are no groups available in my city or state?” There are also Skype MTS Certified Facilitators available under this link. If you are searching for a Skype group please send inquiries to several of the listed Facilitators.

Q: What if there are no groups available in my city or state?

Since MTS is a growing ministry, there are locations where small support groups are not available.

Please click here to watch a brief video outlining the next steps to take when Mending the Soul Basic small Groups are currently not available in your area.

Please contact Shanell Bender at shanell.bender@mendingthesoul.org for additional information or assistance.

Q: What happens once my MTS group is over?

We understand that sharing in depth personal information with others connects individuals at a very deep level. MTS is all about healing, taking back the life that trauma attempted to destroy, and empowering participants to seek healthy connection inside and outside of their MTS group. Some suggestions would be organizing continued times of meeting between fellow participants, coffee and lunch dates, joining local church and community groups to expand your personal community, becoming a MTS Certified Facilitator, and supporting MTS in our continued work to walk with people to healing.

Q: How do I become a Certified Facilitator of Mending the Soul Basic adult groups?

Please view this video How to become a Mending the Soul Certified Facilitator  for more information about becoming a Mending the Soul Basic Certified Facilitator.

At Mending the Soul we believe that you need to first go through a MTS small support group as a participant. This not only provides understanding of the group process and how it works, but it allows you to experience healing from your own past, and understand what future participants will experience themselves.

Follow this link to register for a MTS Basic Facilitator Online Training course (register here).

 That’s it!  We encourage you to take these steps because we need more Facilitators like you.

Q: Can I create my own training using what I have learned through the MTS resources?

According to copyright laws, the Mending the Soul model and resources are considered the intellectual property of authors Steve and Celestia Tracy and Mending the Soul Ministries. Therefore, it is unlawful to use any of our copyrighted material to create resources or training without specific written consent from the authors and/or Mending the Soul. Mending the Soul has created the best-practice online training there is to lead small groups through the MTS Basic Model. Please register here for an upcoming training and join our certified team!

Q: How can I be listed on the MTS website’s “Find a Group” page?

Only MTS Certified Facilitators are listed on the MTS website’s “Find a Group” page. Certified Facilitators must have gone through MTS Basic as a participant, successfully passed the Online MTS Certified Basic Training course, and successfully co-facilitated an MTS small group with another Certified Facilitator. For any questions about becoming an Mending the Soul Certified Facilitator, please contact Shanell Bender, shanell.bender@mendingthesoul.org MTS Basic Program Director.

Q: Is there a way for MTS trained Facilitators to connect to other MTS trained facilitators?

Yes! We have a Facebook group for MTS trained facilitators. In order to be granted admission into this group page you need to have (1) completed a MTS as a participant; (2) passed the MTS Certified Facilitator Online Basic Training course, and (3) answered a few basic questions. Please note: you must also have your own Facebook account to use this resource. Please contact Shanell Bender shanell.bender@mendingthesoul.org for more information.

Q: Is participation in a MTS Basic small group required before participating in other MTS models?

The prerequisites for participating in other MTS trainings are listed on the informational pages for each individual model. However, MTS requires that leaders go through their own healing before walking other survivors through their healing. As such, we highly recommend those desiring to be trained in other MTS models to first attend an MTS Basic small group as a participant, and secondly, to go through the MTS Online Basic Training course.

Note: MTS Basic is available in Adult and Student versions, with books translated in both English and Spanish.