This spring has been a tremendous time of growth and celebration as Mending the Soul launched the first two Online Basic Facilitator Training courses. Since March, we have trained 140 new and existing facilitators in the new online course. It has been a delight to get to know our facilitators from around the world, provide them with more training, and connect them with the MTS community.

The goal of Mending the Soul’s Online Facilitator Training course is to train as many facilitators as possible on a global scale, and provide them with the high level of teaching, learning, and practical understanding needed to facilitate an MTS group.

The course content focuses around FOUR main areas:

  1. The theology of abuse and the MTS story
  2. The effects of abuse
  3. Creating safety and identifying defenses in an MTS group
  4. The “nuts and bolts” of running a MTS small group


The course contains phenomenal teaching from founders, Steve and Celestia Tracy, and several certified counselors. It also presents the opportunity to view “mock scenarios” of how to handle various difficult issues which could occur while running a group.

There are two optional, live-class sessions for trainees to gather during the week in real-time, and the rest of the course material can be done at each trainees convenience throughout the week. Weekly assignments during the four-week training allow for self-reflection and group discussion in order to get to know and learn from others in the course.

So far the feedback we have received from the course has been outstanding. Participants have rated their overall experience in the course a 4.83 out of 5! We are thrilled to be able to offer this course approximately every month, and hope more will join us! Register here today.

Our next course dates start:

  • May 7, 2018 (must register on or before May 4)
  • June 4, 2018 (must register on or before June 1)
  • July 16, 2018 (must register on or before July 13
  • August 27, 2018 (must register on or before August 24)
  • October 8, 2018 (must register on or before October 5)

Here’s what previous registrants are saying about our new, online Basic Training:

“I am happy that the MTS facilitator course was revamped. This training was very insightful and helpful. It made me even more confident in facilitating future groups.”

“As a non-tech lover, I was very hesitant about this class. The extra information, videos, and interaction with the other facilitators was well worth my discomfort with working in an online environment! This will really help prepare those who haven’t yet facilitated a group.”

“I’ve completed previous live-trainings, and they left me feeling ill-equipped and weary to run my own group. But, after taking this new, online course and having access to these materials, I feel like I am fully ready to grow into a position that fosters real healing. It is a wonderful approach to empowering the front lines!”

“I appreciated the various options to choose from for submitting work. The option to view additional resources enabled me to go more in-depth into the study. I’m thankful for the opportunity, and feel better equipped as a facilitator.”

“I especially appreciated the discussion posts. It was so helpful to hear and read how other facilitators tackle various situations, hear their stories, and glean from their experiences. It was a great way to ‘meet’ everyone! Thanks for all the hard work that went (and goes on) behind it.”

“It was a great training – well thought-out and thorough. There was additional “voluntary” audio talks where Dr. Tracy went further in depth on various topics. I would highly recommend listening to those. I really enjoyed the training!”

“This course exceeded any of my expectations by a landslide. It was so engaging and the materials were helpful. By far the best online course I’ve ever taken.”

“I am not tech-savvy, but I did just fine! I like that they give you options to submit assignments in video, PDF, or free-text format. The fresh content is great for both those who have facilitated a long time or newbies like me. It is well worth your time.”

“The most beneficial part for me was the explanation of the topic and the homework. It opened my eyes to new ways of handling certain people, personalities and situations.”

“It was all done very well and I especially appreciated the very clear instructions and allowing each participant to give their own take on everything.”

“I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I learned to navigate the online classroom. I highly recommend the training to all MTS facilitators. Well worth the time and effort. The valuable feedbacks from the MTS peers were priceless. I really felt welcomed and valued! I would love to do another online MTS training course. I really appreciate everyone involved in putting the training together!”

Ready to get trained?
Click HERE to register for the next training, starting May 7!

Upcoming Events

  • The MTS Facilitator Facebook Group will have our second FaceTime Live on May 2nd at 6:30 – 7:30 (PST/MST). This is a great opportunity to connect with MTS Facilitator Support, ask questions and receive answers and share your experiences in real-time!
  • Any Male Facilitators from Portland or surrounding areas are encouraged to connect. Mike Stines is organizing meeting for this group and I would love to connect you to him! Please email Shanell here.

Posted: May 1, 2018