Mending the Soul steps into the gap to offer support for sexually-abused and exploited adults and teens with a sustainable, community-based model that resources and equips caregivers of complex trauma survivors to become compassionate mentors and advocates. Princess Lost and Found is a four-piece curricula that weaves the social science research including the experiences of sexually exploited girls with a faith-based, clinical model of healing and forgiveness.

Princess Lost: the Story of our Daughters is an allegorical fairytale for the survivors, including a musical CD of 18 original healing songs that supplements each chapter. The Princess Lost Journal gives helpful writing prompts for the survivor to use as she begins to process her story, and Princess Found: A Guide for Mentors of Sexually Exploited Girls directs advocates and caregivers in the compassionate and holistic care of the girls they mentor.

Testimony from an Abuse survivor and co- founder / co-director of anti-trafficking ministry:

“I joined the Princess Lost & Princess Found Training earlier in the year because I am the co-founder and co-director of an anti-trafficking ministry and decided to use Princess Lost & Princess Found as our primary curricula to lead our tween and teen girls in inner healing. We’ve done one chapter per month on average, except when there were emergencies—like trips to hospitals, psych wards, etc. It’s pretty crazy on a daily basis, but the inner healing for the girls has been fantastic.

As a survivor myself, and as our house mom is also a survivor, she and I are MOST grateful that we started our own healing with Princess Lost & Princess Found beforehand.  We could not have possibly gone any faster ourselves and lead the girls at the same time.

God obviously guided this process, and it has been amazing!”

How to Get Involved

Mending the Soul envisions a day when there are more safe, loving, equipped caregivers and homes for exploited individuals and their families than the predators who are on the streets.

You can become an advocate and a voice for these survivors by training as a Princess Lost mentor or by giving financially to help bring the curricula to communities and organizations that support survivors and combat exploitation, or by purchasing the Princess Lost and Found resources at our online store.

Get Trained

The Princess Lost and Found training utilizes the beautifully crafted curricula written by Steve and Celestia Tracy, equipping individuals and organizations to mentor and support those who have experienced complex trauma such as sexual abuse or exploitation. Addressing the needs of both survivors and advocates, this training provides psychological and theological education on the devastating effects of exploitation and trauma through expressive art and other interactive exercises.

Virtual trainings for Princess Lost & Found take place once each semester and are conducted via video conferencing. To sign up for the next training or to gather additional information please use our contact button below. 


We prayfully ask for your fully tax-deductible donation to allow Mending the Soul to equip more caregivers, mentors and organizations as we expand access to these transformational Princess Lost and Found resource materials, create online training sessions and increase awareness of this healing model all over the world. Thank you for your generosity!


The four-piece Princess Lost and Found curricula is available in our online store.  Thank you for your partnership!

Resource Center

Do you know the current statistics on human trafficking and exploitation? What can you do to advocate for complex trauma survivors? Mending the Soul has cataloged and researched relevant resources to support complex trauma survivors and the communities that serve them.

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Q: I want to work with trafficking survivors. What do I need to do?

Mending the Soul equips other organizations with resources and training for working with individuals who have experienced complex trauma, abuse, and distortion of their original design. To work directly with survivors of trafficking, we recommend you connect with an organization that offers direct care whose staff and board have done their own healing, been highly trained in working with traumatized individuals, and offer ongoing training and self-care programs for leadership and staff.


Q: How can our organization get trained to use Mending the Soul Princess Lost and Found materials?

A: If you are interested in specialized training for your organization, you can register for the bi-annual Princess Lost and Found Training, or use the contact button above. 


Q: Does Mending the Soul work directly with exploited and trafficked survivors?

Mending the Soul works extensively with many abuse trauma survivors, and we continue to engage with them for curriculum research and development. However, our main focus is using our developed and proven resources to train and equip the people and organizations who work daily with survivors of every kind of complex trauma.

Q: Can I donate to Mending the Soul specifically for the fight against sexual exploitation and human trafficking?

All donations made to Mending the Soul are used to fight against the evils of abuse and bring healing and hope to those who have suffered and survived, including individuals suffering from complex trauma. We also hold special fundraising events for each Mending the Soul healing model, and all online donations are given the option to designate giving to a certain cause via the drop-down on the donation form or providing a note with the donation. 

Q: Does Mending the Soul offer resources for boys/men who have experienced complex trauma?

The PL&F training can be adapted for both male and female survivors, and the Princess Found Mentor’s guide can also be used with male survivors and adapted to meet their individual needs. Creating more resources specifically for boys/men who have experienced complex trauma such as exploitation and trafficking is one of the future projects for Mending the Soul.  If you would like to donate to this particular area of need, consider giving a gift today!