Sermons & Presentations

Aug 11


By: Pastor Ray Davis Presented at: Desert Breeze Community Church, Soul RX Series Resource Link
May 05

Love Justice

By: Steven R. Tracy Presented at: River West Church Resource Link
May 31

Sermon on 1 Corinthians 7:1-7

By: Pastor Chris Davis Presented at: Whitton Avenue Bible Church, Phoenix, AZ Resource Link
May 31

Abuse in Relationships

By: Pastor Duane Cross Presented at: Hope Covenant Church, Relationships on the Rock Series Resource Link
Nov 17

Women and Inequality Around the World

By: Dr. Ronald J. Sider Presented at: 58th Annual Meeting Evangelical Theological Society Resource Link

Why do Girls Starve, Remain Illiterate, and Lack Health Care While Their Brothers Eat, Learn, and Live?

Christians in the Public Square
Washington, DC

Sep 28

The Rape of Tamar: Dealing with Sexual Abuse

By: Steven R. Tracy Presented at: Southwestern College Chapel (Arizona Christian University) Resource Link
Jul 27

The Way of the Cross: Ministry to the Broken

By: Steve and Celestia Tracy Presented at: 2006 AMFM Marriage and Family Ministry Conference Resource Link