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#MeToo and Evangelicalism: Shattering Myths about Sexual Abuse and Power

Concepts Of Gender And The Global Abuse Of Women

Common Evangelical Misconceptions Of Poverty

Rationalization For A Faith Based Outreach To Prostituted Adolescent Girls

Where Is God In The Midst Of Suffering And Abuse?

Calling The Evangelical Church To Truth: Domestic Violence And The Gospel

Patriarchy, Rape, And Heroism

The Culture Wars Over “Family Values”: Are Evangelicals Fighting The Wrong Battles In The Wrong Way And Losing?

What Does “Submit In Everything” Really Mean? The Nature And Scope Of Marital Submission

Patriarchy And Domestic Violence: Challenging Common Misconceptions

Clergy Response To Domestic Violence

Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence In The Church And Redemptive Suffering In 1 Peter

Chastity And The Goodness Of God: The Case For Premarital Sexual Abstinence

Research Documents

Trafficking In Persons Report 2011

The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report is a tool used by the U.S. Government to engage foreign governments on human trafficking. This comprehensive tool is used worldwide to examine where resources are most needed.

A Biblical Response To The Abused Wife

Research Statistics

Sexual Abuse Prevalence In The United States

Physical Abuse Prevalence In The Developing World

Sexual Abuse Prevalence In The Developing World

Physical Abuse Prevalence In The United States

Abuse Is Devastating

Abuse Is Rampant

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Response To Congressman Akin

Todd Akin, ‘Legitimate Rape,’ And Gospel Healing For Victims Of Sexual Assault

Congo Women Fight Back, Speak Out About Rape

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Love Justice

Sermon On 1 Corinthians 7:1-7

Abuse In Relationships

Women And Inequality Around the World

The Rape of Tamar: Dealing With Sexual Abuse

The Way of the Cross: Ministry to the Broken

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The Macho Paradox

Mending The Soul