Connect: Chapter Four

Portrait of an Abusive Family

Can you feel the momentum yet? Each chapter lays a foundation for the next. In chapter four you will step back a bit to focus on your family of origin so that you can better understand yourself. Abuse doesn’t happen in a vacuum; there is context that fostered an atmosphere that allowed, and sometimes even encouraged abuse. This chapter will gently guide you in understanding the ways in which your personality was shaped in your childhood home. Until this early pain is disclosed and processed in safe relationship it will remain hidden, untouched, and not understood.

Abuse happens in relationship thus healing must happen in relationship. Doing this deeper work on the context of your abuse is key to unlocking the mystery of intimacy in all future relationships. As you let yourself remember and speak, you won’t be alone. Others will share your pain.

We’re breaking the cycle of abuse together,


All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
—Leo Tolstoy