Connect: Chapter One

 The Importance of Story

Welcome to Mending the Soul! We’re grateful you’re taking this significant first step. We want you to know you’ll be met right where you are. Please bring your real, vulnerable self through the door: no pretense, dressing up, polish, or shine! Just you.

Your facilitators have worked hard to prepare an emotionally and spiritually safe environment where you may freely explore your doubts and fears and issues with God. As you do, you will deepen your faith in ways that will surprise you and uncover a spiritual path that is all your own. Your journey will probably look very different from that of the others in your group, and that is okay. We each have unique stories and respond differently to similar circumstances. We already expect that.

We don’t want you to feel pressured to mimic or copy others. But instead, believe that you are your own person who reflects characteristics of God unlike anybody else. His majestic, created image is in YOU, and is something that no amount of abuse can destroy! As you work through the chapters you will gradually grow in confidence and freedom, becoming the activated person God created you to be.

You are important and have a story to tell. You are worth the effort this study will require.

Take our hand and we’ll do it together,


Precious jewel, You glow, You shine,
Reflecting all the good things in the world.
Just look at yourself!
—Maya Angelou