The Christian Single Moms Podcast: Part One

Nov 5, 2020 | Abuse & Adults, Guest Post, Hope & Healing, Intimacy & Marriage

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Michelle Donnelly, founder and director of Agape Moms, as guests on her Christian Single Moms Podcast. What a gift to hear her story of healing, and to share insights from our work and research with MTS to this strong and faithful demographic of women.

Michelle discovered MTS through the process of a painful divorce. At the time, Michelle was specifically seeking out biblically-based resources to understand and heal from her past traumas, and MTS’s resources stood out as a beacon of hope. As she embarked on her healing journey, God revealed to her an opportunity to share what she was learning with other hurting women. She responded by starting an online community for single mothers called Agape Moms. As the ministry grew, she launched The Christian Single Moms Podcast, and invited Steve and Celestia to join her for two episodes to share their incredible insights on healing from abuse and stepping into healthy relationships.

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