Intimacy Intensives

Forever & Always: The Art of Intimacy (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2011), is the primary resource for this four day intensive. The Tracy’s model reflects a multi disciplinary, integrative approach to the theology and practice of relational intimacy. It combines biblical data on sexuality and relationships with marriage and bonding research. The participant is then guided in applying the research to his or her own relationship, helping one to attach more deeply to another.

The mystery of human bonding is as beautiful as it is complex, particularly in a post-Eden world. Many of us are woefully aware of our relational deficits, yet lack vibrant marriages to emulate. Those of us who have not experienced relationships of health, safety, and security particularly find that we need roadmaps along the way. Through this intensive participants will find personal encouragement and direction that is both biblically precise and practical for their relational journeys.

CD 504 – Foundation of Intimacy: A Theology of Bonding  –  Available at Phoenix Seminary

Instructors: Dr. Steve and Celestia Tracy.

Spouses and fiancés/fiancées of credit students are strongly encouraged to attend with student at no additional cost, but would still need to complete the application and registration processes through Phoenix Seminary.

Please contact Phoenix Seminary for registration and details.

If you’re interested in an Intimacy Intensive for your organization or church, please email us.