Advanced Leadership Track

The Mending the Soul Advanced Leadership track is an additional day of training that typically occurs after a MTS Basic Training.  It provides an opportunity to practice the skills that you have been learning through Mending the Soul in a more intimate atmosphere.  Working in abuse ministry exacts a high toll on your body, soul, and mind.  Resilience, teamwork, and faith help replenish what gets depleted.  This training is about helping you have the skills for yourself and your team to rejuvenate your soul and sustain each other for the long journey.  Throughout the day, we will assist you in processing your thoughts and feelings about your work in abuse ministry.

Please note: This training is not intended as a next step in the healing journey for those still in the process of recovery from abuse. It is expected that individuals are familiar with the content of Mending the Soul prior to attending this training. No CEU’s are available for this training.

    • Relational Processing – Through the use of triads (observer, speaker, listener), we will practice vulnerable sharing, safe listening, and constructive feedback.  We will also utilize spiritual imagery to aide in our own work as caregivers.
    • Impact of Training – We will process the impact of abuse training thus far and utilize the triads for discussion.
    • Difficult Issues-How do you get tripped up as a caregiver? – We will spend time discussing the role of a caregiver/ministry leader, make connections with family of origin, and practice sharing in our triads.  There will be an opportunity to process the difficult situations you have experienced in caregiving roles and how that relates to your own story.
    • Telling Our Own Stories and the Potential for Rewounding – We will process what it is like to become more vulnerable as a caregiver/speaker/leader and are more open regarding your stance toward abuse.  We will look at ways to increase self-care and soul-care and set appropriate boundaries for yourself.
    • Effects of Abuse and Secondary Trauma – We will take a closer look at the effects of abuse and how both primary and secondary trauma can trigger these effects in caregivers, making it important to continue dealing with our own process in order to be safe listeners/facilitators for others.
    • Next Steps – We will have some time for questions, answers, and observations of the process. We will also discuss ways to support each other in our next steps.

Registration fee: $150

Please check our training events page for scheduled upcoming Advanced Leadership Track Training. Advanced training is also offered through Phoenix Seminary course “Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse.” Fees for Phoenix Seminary courses are not the same as registration fee listed on this page.