Mending the soul

Understanding & Healing Abuse

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Mending the Soul has created curricula to walk survivors of abuse and trauma through the healing process gently and holistically. We provide materials for small group connection and training for leaders to facilitate healing from the inside out.

Adults & Students

MTS Basic

This is a great place to start your healing journey. MTS Basic provides an understanding of every form of abuse, and a care model for each. Available in Adult and Student versions, translated in both English and Spanish.

Complex trauma survivors

Princess Lost & Princess Found

Princess Lost and Princess Found is for survivors and caregivers of individuals who have experienced complex trauma, including sexual exploitation and human trafficking.


Caring for the Vulnerable Child

Caring for the Vulnerable Child provides families, communities, and educators with the tools for safe connection and social and emotional health in children.


By His Wounds

By His Wounds is an adaptation of Mending the Soul Basic created specifically for community-based healing in high-trauma areas of Africa. Offered in English, French, and Swahili.


Intimacy & Bonding

Mending the Soul merges biblical and cultural data with marriage and bonding research to offer materials that explore the theology and practice of intimacy.

Survivor Stories

Testimonies of Hope & Healing

At Mending the Soul, we take healing to another level. We understand that the depth of pain that trauma and abuse bring is never one dimensional.

Using holistic and sustainable models, we take healing deeper to bring visibility to the hidden root of trauma. To heal is to mend from the inside.

When you’re whole from within, there’s a visible difference that always shows.

General Resources

Caring for the Vulnerable Child Resources

Mending the Soul Basic Participant Resources